Gamification of Education and Training Gaining Traction


Twenty-eight million people harvest their crops on FarmVille, every day. Five million people play an average of forty-five hours a week worth of games. That’s more than an average workweek. What if students could feel the same sense of pride, investment and success [...] that they feel while conquering level after level of their favorite XBox game? How might that help tip the scales?

Educational technology company Knewton has produced an exceptional infographic that illustrates some of these mechanics and traces the history of serious games, learning simulations and the gamification of education markets.

Though the infographic has a K-12 bias consistent with Knewton’s market, it speaks just as clearly to the history of and opportunity for game-based training in the corporate, professional and continuing education markets.

Gamification Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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